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The Imperial President

The Rule of Outlaws – by Mark Alexander – “Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of… Read More ›

Same Sex What?

A few cities in Texas have passed laws requiring the acceptance of same sex marriage. San Antonio, passed a regulation requiring those who wish to obtain a city contract or do business with the city must accept the same sex… Read More ›


Whoopie!! Washington State joins a few others states to legalize marijuana. (MJ) One of the first purchasers was a security guard and of course the media thinking this was an outstanding news story made him a prominent personality with photos,… Read More ›

The Amnesty Conspiracy

Consider for a moment, the present southern border inundation from Central America. Did hundreds of thousands  – yes, hundreds of thousands – of children simply set off for the U.S. by accident? Did they mostly succeed in traversing the length… Read More ›

I Like My Beer

This simple statement of what a man likes was written on the chalkboard in a bar. I am surprised that the bar’s patrons actually complained about the sign. It was removed and the employee who wrote it was fired. I… Read More ›

Dave’s Quote Of The Day

  “There definitely would because it’s ‘not their fault; it’s an illness or disorder. The flesh-eating undead can’t be blamed.’ I can hear it now. The problem will be not enough spending on zombie issues, of course. Families with firearms… Read More ›

IRS, Not the Only One

Thinking about the IRS, another government agency of which the ordinary citizen can little affect, knowing it like all agencies have become a playground for the leftist democratic donors and sleazy activists for all things government, all things collective, control,… Read More ›


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