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Is ‘Privacy’ Archaic?

I recall as a kid, my parents cherished their privacy. I’ve heard people say of unwalled yards, “There’s no privacy!”Folks complaining of the NSA snooping into our phone calls, email, cell phones and credit transactions call it an invasion of… Read More ›

Egypt Returns To History

Egypt made Biblical history and thanks to archeology, we know something of its glory days. It was still important when its Queen Cleopatra caught a famous Roman. Since then, Egypt has mostly languished, an exhausted remnant of a glorious past… Read More ›

A Jigsaw World…

Global  financial markets are increasingly acting in concert rather than always separately, reflecting both the ongoing integration of world banking and the suzerainty of the gigantic U.S. Federal Reserve. If the Fed catches cold, there’ll be a lot of sneezes… Read More ›

On Corruption and History

Jews and Christians see mankind inherently corrupt; a non-believer may say that the imperative for self-preservation conflicts with the social imperative. They are saying the same thing; as a species, man is out for number one; all others are tied… Read More ›

How Was School, Son?

Two characteristics of American public schools are steady news items: They don’t educate as wanted and they don’t change in response to the many complaints. Maybe their unions, teachers, administrators and their enabling politicians want them as they are? As… Read More ›


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