Conservative Principles

  • -Honoring our Judeo-Christian Heritage
  • -Personal Responsibility
  • -Traditional Marriage
  • -Two-Parent Family
  • -Sanctity of Life
  • -Free Enterprise
  • -Corporate Responsibility
  • -Rejection of the Nanny State
  • -Honesty
  • -Good Citizenship
  • -Respect for Tradition
  • -Patriotism
  • -Victory in any War
  • -Right to Keep and Bear Arms
  • -Fiscal Responsibility
  • -Small and Limited Government
  • -Limited and Legal Immigration
  • -American Exceptionalism
  • -Preservation of the Middle Class
  • -Adherence to the Constitution
  • -Ordered Liberty
  • -Justice
  • -National Sovereignty
  • -Self Reliance
  • -Individual Rights
  • -Traditional Morals and Values
  • -The Right of Self-Defense
  • Common Sense
  • Discerning mind, not an open mind
  • Conservation, not Environmentalism

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