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267 Words

267 words. Spoken by a President of the United States. Spoken in the midst of a great Civil War, on a battlefield, to help dedicate a military cemetery. 267 words, that redefined a free people, for the next century and… Read More ›

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Saddle Up

Ok we’ve all had the weekend to look for silver linings in Supreme Court decisions, or to cry in our beer about the destruction of our America, or hide under our beds so the boogeyman doesn’t get us, GET OVER… Read More ›

Defending the Dream

You know, as do I, that America has never been a pile of rocks and dirt between the oceans. Whether your ancestors came over the Bering land bridge time out of memory ago, came on the Mayflower, came to escape… Read More ›

Debating Lincoln

Worth a read. I’m always been very torn and can argue effectively and convincingly for each side and for the various causes represented in the Civil War. I abhor the “peculiar institution” that ended up ripping this nation apart and yet… Read More ›


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